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       from a dream to reality...       


I started making my own products for myself to address my constant dry skin and eczema issues. I didn't want to use steroid creams or other prescriptions so I started doing my own research and eventually studied skincare and using and producing natural skin care products with ingredients I could pronounce and understand. I started giving some to friends and family as gifts and then they wanted to buy to give to their family and friends and voila, here we are today..... my own line of handmade natural products. 


I'm Toronto based and devoted to creating natural skincare products at reasonable price points. I absolutely love what I do and truly believe that simple, fresh, and fewer ingredients are better. My products are thoughtfully minimalist, handmade in small batches and simply designed with fresh and natural ingredients. Handcrafted with care is essential to us, so is the quality and consistency of my products. 

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